The most powerful laser weapon!
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The most powerful laser weapon!
According to the report of the latest research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Optics and fine mechanics, strong field Laser Physics National Key Laboratory of developed a 5 petawatt ultrashort ultraintense Laser Pointer system successfully, and here refers to the "5 pat tile" unit conversion is 5 million watt ", this is in the world so far the highest power value and the world the first applied to laser amplifier on such a big launching device.

This weapon is far powerful than the high powered laser weapons, directional weapons but can achieve flexible and changeable, with super laser irradiation to target electromagnetic system completely paralyzed.The large strategic targets in a certain period of time out of control, and that when conventional combat troops can no difference, hundred percent implementation precision strike.
China is not the first development of laser weapon countries, the United States, Russia, Germany, France and other countries in the very early days began the Russian research, China started late, after the reform and opening up economic accumulation for high-tech Green Laser weapon development has provided the conditions. Russian research and development speed amazing, you can say there is no which country has China laser technology development so quickly.
The reason why a country vigorously into laser weapons, the main reason is this weapon is through the use of high brightness laser beam carrying huge energy to destroy or kill enemy aircraft, missiles, satellites and personnel of high technology and new concept weapons, which people call no developed weapons but China has very close to. This is the advantage. And more important is 100mw laser have high precision, speed, high efficiency, against a wide range of limiting factors, low electromagnetic interference, can achieve sustained long time operation and other advantages, compared to the atomic bomb to pay the price, the laser weapon is very considerable. In China, there is naturally develop.
In fact, the traditional concept will certainly think this weapon is too expensive, can not afford, actually otherwise, 90 percent of the cost of laser weapon actually spent on research and experiment with a Laser Sight on it, and once in the actual use single laser irradiation of the cost is actually very low, according to data released by the United States show only conventional weapons of 70 percent of the price quantitatively for the $2500. So these very many of Russia's advantages, so that laser weapons to become the future of the world's major powers to actively seek the commanding heights.
China development pace of laser weapon far not stay in the 5 million billion watts, do these are to further develop 10 petawatt (1 billion Watt) ultrashort ultraintense laser device laid an important technical basis which is far more powerful than the laser pointer keychain we used ordinary.

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